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    • Our first Botox treatment!

      We are so excited to be offering a Botox Perk. Cindy and I have been searching for a reputable provider to offer our subscribers a great Botox offer for some time. We found one in Middlesex Eye Physicians in Westbrook. In addition to offering 20 units of Botox for an...

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    • Complexion concerns? We have the answer!

      As soon as my son, William, turned 13 this past January his skin decided to throw a fit! He started getting pimples and blackheads. We expected this to happen at some point but when he broke out with cystic acne we panicked and immediately brought him to the doctor to...

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    • It's 80 degrees and warm at The Spring! Perfect for upcoming prom or wedding season!

      Who's not feeling a bit pale and has skin so dry it's flaking all over the place? Here comes The Spring to the rescue with their body scrub and sunless tan treatment.  I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic since I've heard about these "tanning creams" and feared...

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